Michael’s Blog: The Dust Witch

Have you visited Michael’s blog yet? He has a new post about the Dust Witch. Creepy stuff! Be sure to visit, andĀ if you’re in the market for some baby-hand candles, you’re going to love his shop!



A new section on the town of Blackwood has been added to the site, which will shed some light and provide some history on the town where “Fright Friends Adventures” are set. In this new section is also a link to visit a funny little curio shop called Michael’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Be sure to check them both out!

We Dug Ourselves Up…

…and opened this site. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Edgar Blood. My brother, Allan, and I are authors of ill repute. We enjoy terrorizing children, disrupting sleep, and basket weaving.

Stay tuned for further updates and site additions. You never know what tricks we have up our…screams?