Now Available: Beware the Monstrous Manther!

CoverWe know, we know…it’s been rather quiet here at the Blood Brothers’ crypt. That’s because we’ve been busy scraping the lid of our coffins AND prepping the release of our new book, Beware the Monstrous MantherBut it’s finally here, and ready to give everyone the most nightmarish nightmares! RUN!

There’s something fishy about Joey’s new neighbor – that old man named Carl White. Joey can’t help but notice his strange behavior… like those pet crates he carried into his house on the night he moved in, and those weird lights and noises coming from his basement window, and how he leaves his house late at night in his rusty old van. But Joey’s weird new neighbor isn’t his only problem. A friend from his past named Glenn asks him for help after his dog goes missing. And then Kevin’s cat disappears. Soon, pets all over Blackwood are vanishing and Joey has more questions than answers. Like, what’s with Barry’s new cat, Midnight? The one that can go invisible and walk on the ceiling? And what’s with those sightings of a creature described as half-man/half-beast? Does Joey’s new neighbor have something to do with it? Things start to get really hairy in Blackwood, and soon The Fright Friends’ curiosity is piqued. If they only knew curiosity killed the cat.


Collingswood SPOOK Festival 2015

13th-masthead-homeFellow Jerseyites, Philadelphians, and…people who live in Delaware: you should come visit the Collingswood Book Festival Saturday, 10/3, from 10-4. Your freaky authors will be there selling copies of The House on Creep Street, the book that so far has caused thousands of nightmares, dozens of sleepless nights, and at least two earthquakes. Check out the festival website to learn more about it.

Book lovers of all ages: join us on Saturday, October 3, 2015 when festival-goers will have an opportunity to stroll more than six blocks of Haddon Avenue filled with authors/speakers for adults and children, as well as booksellers, storytellers, poetry readings, workshops, exhibitors, kid-friendly activities, and entertainment for all ages. This award-winning festival is the longest-running, largest literary event in the Delaware Valley. Remember, all events are free!

Another Interview with the Blood Brothers

The_Blood_Brothers_Interview_House_on_Creep_Street_1Sick of us yet? Of course you are – sick from all the leprosy we’ve been accidentally spreading to people because we’re careless monsters. Our favorite blogger in the entire world interviewed us for a recent post on her literary blog, “Anna Flips A Page.” We spill even more info on the new Fright Friends Adventure, which we’re not even supposed to be discussing for fear that our zombie lawyer will eat our mouths off, along with which authors inspire us, and why we want to write in the first place. Read all about it, you fiends. See you at the cemetery!

An Interview with the Blood Brothers

The_Blood_Brothers_Interview_House_on_Creep_Street_2Hold onto your mummies, boils and ghouls, for the Blood Brothers were recently featured in’s Indulge, a print and online magazine focusing on the arts scene taking place in the Jersey area. The Blood Brothers shared their thoughts on their new book, The House on Creep Street, the writing process, a little bit of their history, their typical Halloween traditions, and even spilled some info on their Fright Friends Adventure. Be sure to check it out, and if you do, remember: don’t scream! You’ll wake the neighbors!

Book Festival A Success

1453263_1518971181680572_2074915206331484705_nA big creepy thank you to all who stopped by our table at the Collingswood Book Festival to pick up a copy of The House on Creep Street. Despite the bummer of the outdoor aspect being ruined by the rain and forcing everyone inside, the turnout was still great and The House on Creep Street really went over well. Passersby stopped to do a double-take at the awesome cover art (by artist Drew Falchetta) and we sold far more copies than we could have hoped for. It turned out to be a great day at a great event. See you at the next one!

Get Creepy!

Cover-FINALEdgar and Allan Blood have temporarily vacated their family tomb deep below the ground to share with you this exciting news: The first book in their middle-grade adventure series “Fright Friends Adventures,” The House on Creep Street,  is now available for purchase online via Amazon paperback and Kindle, and Barnes & Noble paperback and Nook! Be sure to lay your ghoulish hands on a fresh copy, just in time for the coming Halloween season. Check out this page learn more about The House on Creep Street, which includes a free sample of the prologue and first two chapters!

Oh, and the Blood Brothers have a message for you, dear readers:

“See you in your nightmares.” (They said this part with a weird grin.)

A Taste of Things to Come…

Cover-FINALYou have all been so patient, our little underlings. The House on Creep Street will be here before you know it, giving you all kinds of nightmares and spooky imagery to welcome the coming Halloween season. While we anticipate the paperback being ready by the end of September, and the ebook editions earlier than that…for now, how about a sample?

Click here to read the prologue and first two chapters of The House on Creep Street!

Look At Our Faces

A new feature on The Fright Friends website is the Photo Album page. Be sure to check out how much frowning two brothers can do in one lifetime. We expect to add more and more photos over the coming weeks and months; we just have to figure out a way to take those photos without the camera lens mysteriously cracking each time. Someone once told us it was due to our faces, but then we ate that someone for dinner. Who’s breaking camera lenses now?? (Us still.)