Brief Biography

authorEdgar and Allan Blood were both October-born and subsequently abandoned in the woods. After being raised by wolves, they grew up in Mrs. Murdstone’s Home for Wayward Children Whose Parents Clearly Dislike Them. After setting out on a world-wide dirigible journey to find their fortune, the brothers were separated by a brutal snow-thunder-hurricane, which left them believing each other to be dead. They were reunited under the most amazing and unbelievable circumstances—but that’s another story. The brothers honed their writing skills through jobs writing obituaries, ransom notes, and cease and desist letters.One day, it is believed Edgar said to brother Allan, “We should use our literary skills to give children nightmares.”Allan put down the rat sandwich he was eating and said, “That’s a fine idea, Edgar.” And then: “Want some rat?”

And so they began writing “Fright Friends Adventures,” in which a group of young kids from the town of Blackwood deal with all manner of spooky goings-on right on their very own streets.

To tell them apart, remember: Edgar has an eye-patch and Allan has a wooden leg—but sometimes it’s the other way around.

When the Blood Brothers are not writing stories, they work as door-to-door coffin salesmen.