bwoodWhile The Blood Brothers traveled the world, they stumbled across a funny little town called Blackwood, located in, well…that’s not important. It was a slice of small-town Americana, almost as if stuck in time (and with a population of less than 300 people). It was there that they met a peculiar boy named Joey Tonelli and his two best friends Kevin and Barry, along with a man known only as Michael, Blackwood historian as well as owner of Michael’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The Blood Brothers were struck by these strange but endearing characters, and were especially struck by Joey Tonelli’s wild claims about Blackwood being infested with ghosts, monsters, mutants, and more.

In exchange for The Blood Brothers telling the town’s stories, they promised to stay in touch and help promote Blackwood’s various citizens, only if to remind other people that they are quite real. Below are links to visit, so that you may learn more about the citizens of Blackwood whose strange stories have inspired “Fright Friends Adventures.”


Michael’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Personal blog/store website of Blackwood historian/antiques owner, Michael. Be sure to visit often, as Michael will be sharing the strange and sometimes creepy items that end up in his antique store.

The Cool Club. A blog owned and maintained by Joey Tonelli and his best buds, Kevin and Barry. (This is still a work in progress, though they promise to send us a final link very soon.)